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PCCYFS Issues Funding Proposal for a More Sustainable Child Welfare System

Press Release

(HARRISBURG, PA) The Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth & Family Services (PCCYFS) released a position statement today; Funding Child Welfare Services in Pennsylvania, outlines the various funding sources that sustain the child welfare system and proposes solutions for ensuring greater long-term stability.

“Child welfare providers are the underpinning of our communities.” said PCCYFS President and CEO, Terry L. Clark. “Yet their ability to expand their capacity, capability, and innovation are often handcuffed by the cloudy complexities of the systems funding sources. Untangling the variety of child welfares funding sources is our first step in the conversation on how Pennsylvania can better support our safety net.”

The position statement briefly summarizes the numerous federal, state, and local funding sources that support child welfare in Pennsylvania. It outlines the various match requirements and how these sources intersect. Finally, it proposes opportunities to improve the health of providers, resulting in healthier Pennsylvania communities.

Read the full report here.