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PCCYFS Salary Survey


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The 2023 PCCYFS Salary Survey Report offers a comprehensive and data-driven overview of compensation trends, benefits, and other employment characteristics in this increasingly complex sector. This report is designed to keep your organization abreast of current developments, ensuring you remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.

The report analyzes salary data from child welfare, juvenile justice, and mental/behavioral health organizations across Pennsylvania. It presents an overview of the industry’s compensation structure from entry-level positions through executive positions. This information helps organizations benchmark current compensation against industry comparisons.

In addition to salary data, the 2023 Salary Survey delves into an analysis of benefits offered to employees and also shares data collected highlighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the workforce.

As the youth and family services sector continues to adapt to societal changes, financial realities, and workforce expectations, this report serves as a vital tool. It helps organizations understand how their compensation and benefits structure compares to the wider industry. The 2023 PCCYFS Salary Survey Report is not just a product, it’s a strategic asset that can guide your organization’s human resources decisions, helping you stay competitive, retain top talent, and ultimately, better serve the communities that rely on your services.