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Model Set of Standards for PA Multidisciplinary Investigative Teams

PA Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth & Families releases revised Model Set of Standards for MDITs.

The PA Office of Children, Youth & Families releases an updated version of a Model Set of Standards for Multidisciplinary Investigative Teams (MDITs). This Model Set of Standards provides guidance on updated best practices and coordination of MDITs, while providing examples and resources. The model was developed in order to provide counties with standardized guidance about the effective development and ongoing operations of the county’s MDIT and investigation protocols as required by Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law (CPSL), 23 Pa.C.S. Chapter 63.

The original Model Set of Standards was created in May 2013. The goal of this updated version is to ensure adherence to current Pennsylvania law and promote best practices. This was a collaborative effort by professionals from law enforcement, children and youth services, prosecution/District Attorney’s offices, mental health services, substance use disorder services, medical services, disability rights advocacy services, children’s advocacy centers, victim services, as well as child and family advocacy services and state government. These standards are intended to generate meaningful dialogue, produce objective assessment of community strengths and challenges, and trigger changes in policy and practice where deemed necessary.