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Check For Us – Day of Action

Thursday July 15 is the Check for Us Day of Action to help states connect with youth and provide assistance through the Federal Consolidated Appropriations Act

Check For Us is a national campaign powered by Think of Us that is focused on connecting anyone up to the age of 26 that has spent time in foster care after the age of 14 with emergency funds and other opportunities.

Thursday July 15, 2021 is the Check For Us Day of Action to help states connect and provide assistance to youth with experience in foster care who are eligible for aid under the Supporting Foster Youth and Families Through the Pandemic Act of the Consolidated Appropriations Act. Please join your colleagues on Thursday morning to kick off this National Day Action in Pennsylvania! We will use this time to spotlight the work of your colleagues in Pennsylvania and to share the challenges they faced and how they addressed them. We also will use this event as a forum for you to raise questions and challenges that you are dealing with so we can brainstorm solutions to aid you in your implementation process.

The increase in Chafee funds provided by the Consolidated Appropriations Act gives us an opportunity to meet the urgent needs of youth as we enter the recovery period of the pandemic. These funds, and the flexibility we have, also provide an unprecedented opportunity to support young people in learning, saving, and feeling that they are trusted and valued members of our community. We hope you will join us to share what you are doing and the barriers you are facing so we can draw on our collective knowledge and expertise to serve young people through the Consolidated Appropriations Act.