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Provider Agency Membership

Provider Agency Membership is available to any human service provider agency within Pennsylvania serving the child welfare, juvenile probation, children's behavioral health or education systems.

Membership Overview

Provider Members are welcome to attend meetings, serve on agency workgroups, act in advisory capacities, and promote the priorities of the Council. They can also chair PCCYFS committees and be a voting member of the PCCYFS Board of Directors. Provider Members are entitled to receive access to PCCFYS newsletters, distributions, and information sharing. Provider Members are invited to all member-only events and are entitled to member pricing for agency trainings and events such as the annual conference.

The PCCYFS membership year is July 1 through June 30. Each member agency is asked to complete an annual renewal application indicating agreement to provide the necessary documentation to support calculation of dues. All renewal applications must be received by July 31 to ensure continuation of membership services without disruption. Agencies are invoiced for membership dues at a later date based on the fiscal information provided with the membership application and as agreed to on the payment schedule selected.

The membership renewal application and a copy of the audit may be e-mailed to, or mailed to: PCCYFS, 3425 Simpson Ferry Road, Suite 201, Camp Hill, PA 17011. The scope of supports delivered through PCCYFS includes the full array of services needed by at-risk children and youth – behavioral health, education, child welfare and juvenile justice – providing an integrated approach to membership services. Adherence to this basis for calculating dues is necessary to fund PCCYFS operations and to provide equity across the diverse composition of children, youth and family service agency members.

Graduated Dues Assessment

Each agency must submit a copy of their most recent fiscal audit to support dues calculations with their membership renewal application. For agencies with total operating expenses including management and general costs of less than $7.5 million, the dues millage assessment remains at .155% (.00155) of an agency’s expenses for all children, youth and family services for the most recently audited fiscal year.

An agency’s children, youth and family budget includes all programs related to children, youth and family work in Pennsylvania including child welfare, juvenile justice, children’s mental/behavioral health and education dollars (adult services and child day care are excluded from the dues assessment). Minimum dues are $450.00 for any agency with an operating budget below $350,000. Maximum dues for agencies with budgets totaling $7.5 to 10 million are $11,625. An additional $250 is assessed for operating budgets between $10-20 million and for each additional $10 million. Any questions related to annual dues calculations can be directed to

Method of Payment

An invoice for calculated dues will be sent upon receipt of the membership application in accordance with the payment schedule selected on the application and are due upon receipt of the invoice.