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PA Council of Children, Youth & Family Services Highlights Achievements

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(HARRISBURG) – PCCYFS released its 2022-2023 Annual Report today, highlighting the impact it has had on the child welfare, juvenile justice, and children’s behavioral health systems this past year on behalf of its approximately 100 members.

“PCCYFS is grounded in a rich history of over 45 years, but it remains a contemporary and current organization because it has taken deliberate and intentional steps to evolve the ways in which we advocate and deliver results on behalf of our members.” said PCCYFS President and CEO, Terry L. Clark. “The PCCYFS Annual Report demonstrates the outcomes of our extensive efforts to reposition our association as thought leaders in the area of children’s services.”

The 2022-2023 Annual Report highlights the ways that the association has advanced the priorities of its membership, including liability insurance challenges, a fair funding formula, and workforce development. The report displays the ways in which the association’s united voice has grown its partnerships and worked cohesively to make significant impacts and strides in supporting the service providers that support Pennsylvania’s children and families.

Read the full report here.