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Behavioral Health Commission Report

Recommendations of how to spend $100 million of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds

The Behavioral Health Commission for Adult Mental Health was created under Act 54 of 2022 and was tasked with recommending how to spend $100 million of one-time ARPA funding to support adult behavioral health needs. This past week, the Commission approved the attached final report, which includes three main areas of focus for allocation of this $100 million:  

  • Stabilize, Strengthen, and Expand the Workforce ($37 million)
  • Improve the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Systems ($23.5 million)
  • Expand Capacity for Services and Supports ($39 million)

Additionally, the Commission suggested that $500k be set aside for a future study evaluating the impact of these one-time investments. This report has been shared with the legislature to move the recommendations forward.

Thank you for your valuable input and feedback throughout this process. Please send questions or comments to

Although this is for adult mental health, knowing that assistance may be provided to adults and/or those that serve adults that are caregivers to our youth, would ultimately help the youth providers serve in the long run.