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2023 Annual Conference

April 26 & 27

The Conference

The PCCYFS 2023 Conference includes two dynamic keynote speakers and 15 educational sessions on industry-relevant topics, including workforce development, research, LGBTQ issues, trauma-informed care, addiction issues, leadership, technology and more. We think you will find the well-crafted presentations useful and thought provoking. Additionally, many of our presentations are eligible for continuing education units.*

Networking activities are available throughout the event as are opportunities to engage with our exhibitors.

The Venue

This year’s conference will be held at the Best Western Premier located at 800 E. Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111. If you would like to make reservations online, you can do so right here.

If you’d prefer to make reservations over the phone, you may call 717-561-2800, choose option #4 and then option #1. Remember to ask for the PCCYFS discounted group rate!

*Pennsylvania Council of Children Youth and Family Services (Provider #SWPR004114) is approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors as a provider of continuing education for social workers, professional counselors, and marriage and family therapists in Pennsylvania and many other states. PCCYFS maintains responsibility of this program.

William Kellibrew IV


William Kellibrew IV is an international advocate for civil, human, women, children, and victims’ rights. He is a sought-after speaker on violence, trauma, trauma-informed care, and children exposed to violence. At age six, he was sexually abused by his mom’s neighbor and at age ten, he watched helplessly as his mother and twelve-year-old brother were shot in their living room by his mother’s estranged boyfriend.

In 2015, Kellibrew was nominated by U.S. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to receive the U.S. Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus Eva Murillo Unsung Hero Award for exemplifying and embodying the movement for victim rights through outstanding efforts in victim advocacy, allied professional advocacy, public policy and public awareness. He is currently a faculty member for SAMHSA’s National Center for Trauma Informed Care, and a consultant for the Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center, as well as The William Kellibrew Foundation. In 2011, he was recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change for his work to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Kellibrew has appeared on Oprah, In Session, Andrea Mitchell Reports, MSNBC, HLN, Newsmakers with Robert Traynum, BBC Worldwide, BET, and NPR, and in Newsweek, The Washington Post, and countless other media outlets worldwide. He has also blogged for the White House.



A message and philosophy for all ages, “Love…No Ego, The Courage to Be You” captures, creates, and promotes an environment in which the human intuition and spirit is ignited and pushed into greatness. Greatness is a space where collaboration, creativity, and clarity naturally flows, creating a team and culture of individuals who are able to live and work from a conscious space of freedom and inclusion, having a self and communal practice that promotes the awareness of, and then the diminishing of, biases, judgment, and fear. Thus, creating and establishing consistent and optimal performance!

Via the pillars of Spirituality, Education, Exercise, and Community, “Love…No Ego” ignites the human intuition of young people as well as educators, while improving awareness of the egotistical, worldly influences that promotes overly self-centeredness and fear, helps to naturally excel participants beyond their challenges, commit to being their best selves, and live in and on purpose.


Wednesday, April 26


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Keynote: William Kellibrew

Be the One: A Unique & Collective Journey of Hope, Healing, & Recovery From Childhood Trauma

When children, youth, and families experience harm from traumatic events, they are left to pick up the pieces, often with few to no identifiable resources, effective supports, and guidance to navigate their pathway to recovery and healing. Despite all of this, healing is possible. In this session, the speaker shares his personal, professional, and unique journey from experiencing childhood trauma to what and who made the difference on his road to hope, healing, and on-going resilience. As a mental health professional, peer leader, and international victim/survivor advocate, he discusses the role multi-disciplinary professionals and systems can play in responding to childhood trauma through collaboratively creating safer moments and spaces for healing through trauma-informed healing-centered approaches.

(1 CEU)


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Session 1


Becoming a Data Driven Organization: Leveraging the Power of Business Intelligence to Drive Organizational Performance

Speakers: Nicholas Riehl & Scott Bachik

The presentation will highlight how Community Alternatives (a managed partner of ncgCARE) leveraged the power of Business Intelligence (BI) to become a data-driven organization and gain insights on financial data, cost information related to delivery of services, staff productivity, and client service activity. The presentation will outline their journey from the organization’s initial state through the transformation to having a functional Decision Intelligence System with timely data updates. They will review how the journey started, what implementation approach was taken, the technology infrastructure that was implemented, and how the information is used to improve decision making and advance the organization forward. They will share what worked, what did not work, and outline the keys to success.

Using Quality Benchmarks and Key Indicators to Improve Clinical Outcomes of Youth who Survived Complex Trauma

Speaker: Dominick DiSalvo

Corporate Key Quality Indicators are benchmarks identified to see if a program is providing care at the level of quality and safety that is defined by a program. Programs should utilize Key Quality Indicators so they can ensure effectiveness and efficiency, building trust with customers and payors, and provide a tested benchmark to allow the organization to make data-based decisions to improve care and evaluate progress in a quantifiable manner to help bring opportunity for rate increases. In this presentation, I will give an overview of our Organization’s dedication to the use of Key Quality Indicators and identify at least one example of how the use of data has led to an increase in rates from payors.

Connection is Key! Supporting Older Youth Transitioning From Foster Care

Speaker: Heather Miller

Human beings have an inherent need for connection.  So often, this need goes unmet for youth transitioning from the foster care system.  Many of the over 17,000 young adults transitioning from foster care in the United States do so without the necessary family and social supports.  This is of considerable concern to social work professionals, as these youth require greater supports, services, and safety nets than their peers who have not been involved in the child welfare system.  Research suggests that social connections are significant and critical for a youth to successfully transition from foster care, as youth need adults that they can trust to help navigate real life situations and circumstances. 

Social supports, emotional supports, relationships, and permanent connections are important factors in a youth’s well-being, enhances resilience, and decreases the probability of poor outcomes.   There is growing body of research on interdependence, rather than independence, for youth aging out of care.  Interdependence honors a need for, and supports engagement with, trusted adults, while independence pushes for less connectedness.   Child welfare policies and practices need to address the needs of youth transitioning from foster care, with attention given to the development of relationships and to providing safety nets and resources to this population.  This presentation will offer information based on the research noted above and will engage participants in discussion around strategies to support the development of relational connections for older youth in foster care and creating programs that support the notion of interdependence.   

(1.5 CEUs)


Networking Luncheon

Session 2


Recognizing and Responding to Adverse Religious Experiences and Religious Trauma

Speaker: Rose Shepley

Case managers, social workers, educators, and spiritual care providers are invited to a conversation on how to recognize and respond to Adverse Religious Experiences (ARE’s) and Religious Trauma (RT). Many of the youth we serve come to us with these adverse experiences and traumas and have not received adequate psychospiritual care to help them heal and recover. Participants will gain awareness of ARE’s and Religious Trauma and their intergenerational impacts. We will also explore a variety of faith doctrines and beliefs that can lead to trauma or re-traumatization and identify common trauma responses. Professionals will consider how to develop a therapeutic recovery plan that addresses key areas of childhood ARE’s and RT to provide young folx with the greatest chance possible for holistic healing and recovery.

(1.5 CEUs)

Committing to Abuse Prevention

Speaker: Lisa Bellis

When it comes to abuse prevention, it’s important to know whether your organization is complacent, compliant, or committed. During this presentation, our experts will teach you how to become committed by bridging the gaps in your current abuse prevention program, developing formalized policies and procedures, conducting sound screening and selection, effectively training employees, conducting high-level monitoring and supervision, developing an internal feedback system, engaging consumer participation, and formalizing consistent administrative practices. Has your organization found it difficult to find abuse insurance? Have you received a non-renewal notice or has the carrier made your renewal conditional on their requirements? We will discuss how these strategies will elevate your organization as committed to preventing abuse. This will have a profound impact on negotiating appropriate abuse insurance at your next renewal.


Managing Difficult Conversations with Challenging Employees

Speaker: John Amato

In this presentation, we will explore some of the reasons that having these conversations may be difficult. We will also discover methods for increasing our confidence and competence in having these difficult conversations in a way to promote a positive outcome. We will also understand the relationship these conversations have with an accountable team.

(1.5 CEUs)


Exhibitor Networking Ice Cream Social

Session 3


Combatting Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: Examining the Landscape of Trafficking in Persons and Frameworks for Prevention on a Global, Federal, State and Local Level

Speakers: Sarah Patschke & Sarah Sechrist

The presentation will focus on trafficking of persons, specifically on the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). We will begin with a high-level overview of trafficking in persons globally, and then dive deeper into trends in the United States. Utilizing the Shared Hope framework, we will explore the state of CSEC prevention in Pennsylvania, offering insight as to how providers can further the work of prevention and healing through approaches tailored for team members, youth in care and the larger community.  

(1.5 CEUs)

Precision Analytics: Conquering the Digital Divide in Behavioral Health

Speakers: Kate Ryan, Kristen Gay, Pete York & Sarah Kline

In September 2021, Gemma Services and BCT Partners shared the impact of a data analytics tool they developed based on real time and historical data, called the Insight Generator. The Insight Generator is currently being used in Gemma’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (PRTF). This year, the team from Gemma will share updated outcomes from their use of the tool, how they are using the tool in a new, specialized program within the PRTF, and their newly developed tool for use in their Outpatient Program to help clinicians pinpoint needs and interventions for each youth.

Oral & Written Presentation by Service Providers: Insights from a Juvenile Court Judge and a Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

Speakers: Robert Tomassini, Angela Work, Dr. Scott Weller, Hon. David R. Workman, Andrew Benner & Dr. Stephanie Jirard 

This session will be tailored towards service providers who appear before the juvenile court. The presentation will introduce some best practices in writing thorough and professional documents commonly used by juvenile courts throughout Pennsylvania. Additionally, best practices regarding the oral presentation of said documents and other court testimony in the juvenile court will be presented. The presenters will include a juvenile court judge, Hon. David R. Workman; a professor from Shippensburg University, Dr. Stephanie Jirard; a chief juvenile probation officer from Cumberland County, Andrew Benner; a representative from a service provider; and the staff at the Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission who will offer their perspective on specific content, knowledge, skills, strategies, and tools that service providers may use to best inform the court and help juvenile court judges make the soundest judicial decisions possible.

(1.5 CEUs)


PCCYFS Board Meeting


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Networking Events – PCCYFS Mixer at Sunken Bar and Wine Tasting in the Heritage Room

Thursday, April 27


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Keynote: Freddy Jackson

Love…No Ego. The Courage to be You

A message and philosophy for all ages, “Love…No Ego, The Courage to Be You” captures, creates, and promotes an environment in which the human intuition and spirit is ignited and pushed into greatness. Greatness is a space where collaboration, creativity, and clarity naturally flows, creating a team and culture of individuals who are able to live and work from a conscious space of freedom and inclusion, having a self and communal practice that promotes the awareness of, and then the diminishing of, biases, judgment, and fear. Thus, creating and establishing consistent and optimal performance!

Via the pillars of Spirituality, Education, Exercise, and Community, “Love…No Ego” ignites the human intuition of young people as well as educators, while improving awareness of the egotistical, worldly influences that promotes overly self-centeredness and fear, helps to naturally excel participants beyond their challenges, commit to being their best selves, and live in and on purpose.

(1 CEU)


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Session 1


Identifying the Predictors of Turnover Intentions and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Caseworkers Based on a Statewide Workforce Assessment Survey

Speakers: Yoon Mi Kim, George Kovarie & Soohyoung Rain Lee

Child welfare workers in Pennsylvania have experienced significant changes in their work duties after the new Child Protection Services Laws and then sudden changes in their work environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adopting both quantitative and qualitative analytic approaches, we examined the intent to leave among caseworkers and their work experience regarding COVID-19 related changes.

This presentation will discuss the turnover problem in the child welfare system and reviewed caseworkers’ challenges and suggestions based on a state-wide workforce assessment survey of both public and private agency caseworkers. Presenters will show the recent turnover trends and the results of quantitative and qualitative analyses to inform retention strategies. The qualitative analysis will include the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on caseworkers’ turnover intention. Implementing management practices that reduce and control factors that may cause or contribute to caseworker’s turnover will be discussed during the presentation.

Improving Youth Outcomes Through Data-Driven Decision Making

Speakers: Shawn Peck & Stacy Wellman

Child-serving systems are overcoming the barriers to data-driven decision making through the use of technology. Agency-specific data is often compartmentalized and difficult to operationalize to inform decision-making.

Within child-serving systems, it is typical for a youth to cycle in an out of treatment programs multiple times. When excluding detention and shelter facilities, youth average two placements at residential facilities, with roughly one-in-four kids sent to three or more residential placements.

1. Youth who are removed from their homes spend an average of over three years under court supervision; one-in-four spend four years or longer.

2. When youth cycle through multiple placements it has a significant impact on their social, emotional, and physical well-being. Unnecessary and repetitive placements result in a youth spending more time away from their families and communities, the disruption to those family and societal bonds can result in a youth developing an “institutionalized” mentality; which would make their transition back into their community likely to be unsuccessful. Youth inevitably experience more trauma when cycling through placements; hindering the efforts of true trauma informed practices. Their physical and mental health may be affected; their education is interrupted, special education needs may not be immediately recognized and credit transfer issues are not uncommon for youth moving from placement to placement. Multiple placements is also costly to the system.

The use of predictive analytics has the potential to catalyze monumental change in the juvenile justice, child welfare, and behavioral health fields. This presentation describes how agencies can develop and implement a tool to help them identify the most appropriate program for a child the first time. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, the predictive factors of each youth is compared to the historical outcomes of a program that achieved success with youth that presented with the same or similar predictive factors. A report is provided to identify each youth’s likelihood of program completion and remain-out-of-care, along with other desired outcomes. Data-driven approaches create a more scientific admissions process that can work in tandem with existing structured decision-making tools.

The Intersection of Brain Injury and At-Risk Youth: Implications for Professionals and Providers

Speakers: MJ Schmidt & Erika Pae

Brain injury is over-represented and frequently undiagnosed in at-risk populations, including youth involved in the juvenile justice system. The neurocognitive challenges associated with brain injury include problems with memory, executive function, and emotional/behavioral regulation. These problems can create problems in school, work, and relationships. They also increase risk for justice involvement and decrease the likelihood of success in conventional treatment. This workshop will define brain injury; discuss issues specifically related to brain injury in children; introduce a validated tool for screening for history of brain injury and assessments that can be used to identify neurocognitive issues; and describe resources available in PA.

(1.5 CEU)


Networking Luncheon

Session 2


“A Journey of Hope: My Path from Pain to Purpose”

Speaker: Frank Leonardis

I will be discussing my story, “A Journey of Hope: My Path from Pain to Purpose” (which is the title of my presentation and my book). I will talk about how to deal with bullying and I how dealt with it, grief and loss and what it meant to me when I lost my mom at 6 and my father at 15, physical and emotional abuse from my father, the cycle of violence and how I fell in to the trap, the foster care system/kinship care, and overcoming the odds despite the hardships and how one can still follow their goals and dreams.

Growing Up Trans+ in the United States of America

Speaker: Lisa Fritz

The Trans+ community in the United States has historically experienced prejudice and exclusion in their families, their schools, their workplaces, and their social spheres. Political debate has surrounded bathroom freedom of choice, participation in athletics, utilization of preferred names and pronouns, and more. This experience has intensified in the political climate of the past few years as laws have been implemented based on falsified information and fear. This presentation will review how the personal, social, and political environments have affected the Trans+ community in the past and present, with an eye to the potential for harm and growth in the future.

(1.5 CEUs)


Creating Equity for Formal and Informal Kinship Families

Speakers: Evette Clarke & Rosalind Lee

Kinship caregivers often assume responsibility for their relative children to prevent out of home placement. Yet, the resources afforded to children in relative placements pale in comparison to children in foster care homes. This interactive workshop will explore: the plight of kinship care families, the inequity in resource and training distribution, and the necessary changes to effectively support thriving kinship families.

(1.5 CEUs)


Break – Please Visit Exhibitor Booths

Session 3


Cultural Diversity and Color-Blind Racism

Speaker: Bonnie Marsh

Dr. Marsh will discuss how the growing diversity in America requires social service agencies and practitioners to examine how this will impact their clients and provide services that recognize and include all cultures. Participants will be asked to examine their own implicit biases to understand how they may be sending unintended messages to others. A historical presentation of racist policies in America will be examined before participants will learn how being “color-blind” can impact how our biases may unintentionally perpetuate practices that can negatively impact others.

(1.5 CEUs)

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We are pleased to offer the PCCYFS 2023 Conference in-person at the Best Western, 800 E. Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA  17111. Virtual options are available.


How do I access the group room rate information?

Make your reservations online here.

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Do I have to be a PCCYFS member to register?

Members and non-members are welcome to attend the conference.

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Questions can be emailed to During the event, you may also stop by registration and PCCYFS staff will help you.

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You may make your reservation using a credit card, PayPal or request to be invoiced. You do NOT need to create a PayPal account to use a credit card.

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Yes, many of our sessions are eligible for CEUs. Their eligibility is indicated by the course description in the program. Credits are $10 per day.. 

Are there any networking events?

Yes, this year’s conference offers many opportunities for networking.

Tuesday night, PCCYFS will welcome early arrivals with an evening of trivia at the hotel bar/restaurant, O’Reilly’s Tap Room & Kitchen. Enjoy a tasty dinner and a casual game of general trivia with your conference colleagues. Prizes will be awarded. Trivia starts at 7pm.

Wednesday, April 26 from 2 to 3:30 pm, there will be an Ice Cream Social for all attendees to enjoy a sweet treat while talking to colleagues and exhibitors. The event, sponsored by Cove Prep and Children’s Home of Reading, will be held in the area by registration.

That evening, starting at 6:30 pm, there will be a wine tasting in the Heritage room, sponsored by enkompas and a networking mixer in the sunken bar, sponsored by enkompas and Binti. These events offer a relaxed atmosphere to talk and visit with exhibitors. There will be light refreshments and live music.

On Thursday, April 27, a networking luncheon will take place from noon to 1:15 pm. 

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All requests for cancelling registrations must be e-mailed to by the end of the day on Thursday, April 20.  All non-cancelled no-shows will not be eligible for a refund. 

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Social media guidelines and best practices

We welcome social media use at PCCYFS’ Annual Conference, including live tweeting. Use includes all public settings such as the exhibit hall and receptions, and presentations and keynotes.

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Photography by individuals for personal use and for social media is allowed at social events, in the Exhibit Hall and in public spaces throughout the PCCYFS Annual Conference.  

The presenter must be identified by name when a photograph of the presenter, presenter’s slides, or poster is shared on social media or elsewhere.

Attendees should be respectful and considerate of others. Do not use flash, block attendees view of presenters when capturing photos, or otherwise disrupt presentations.

Do not photograph individuals under 18 years of age without explicit verbal or written permission of a parent or guardian. If in doubt, ask.



Your favorite networking events will be enhanced this year with two new activities! On Tuesday, early arrivals may join PCCYFS staff at the hotel bar/restaurant for Tuesday Trivia Night. PCCYFS will host trivia from 7 to 9 pm and award prizes. Play individually, as your own group or at the PCCYFS “group” table reserved for our use. It’s sure to be a good time!

On Wednesday, PCCYFS will host its popular evening networking mixer 6:30 to 10 pm, sponsored by enkompas and Binti, along with a new offering. From 6:30 to 9 pm there will be a Wine Tasting in the Heritage Room, sponsored by enkompas! Listen to live music as you delight your palate with a selection of red and white wines and delicious hors d’oeuvres.

Sponsorship Opportunities are still available but selling fast! Contact Kim Yakowski at for details.