Friend of the Council Membership Application Process

A Friend of the Council includes any individual who holds an active interest in children and family issues in Pennsylvania and who is supportive of the work of the Council. A Friend of the Council may not be employed by an agency that is eligible for Provider or Affiliate membership and may not be involved in the direct provision, development, or management of children, youth and family services. The Friend of the Council will be the only designated recipient of materials and information generated by PCCYFS.
Benefits: Friends of the Council are entitled to the following benefits:
Collaboration and Information
  • Opportunities for participation in PCCYFS workgroups
  • Development of a Speakers’ Bureau comprised of staff and/or faculty from PCCYFS Members and Educational Institution who are available for classroom presentations and staff training
Institutions who are available for classroom presentations and staff training
  • Access to over 130 PCCYFS Provider and Affiliate Members
  • Access to weekly publications containing the latest news and summaries of PCCYFS and Member workgroup activities
  • Act in advisory capacities and promote the priorities of the Council
Participation in PCCYFS Sponsored Events at Member Rates
  • Conferences
  • Special events
  • Trainings and professional development activities
Participation in Advocacy Efforts on behalf of Children and Families
  • Opportunities to influence public policy through coordinated efforts
  • Representation of mutual concerns and issues with legislators and other public officials
Friends of the Council may not serve on the Board of Directors and do not have voting privileges. The Board of Directors may establish any additional criteria for membership and may deny such approval for any reason they deem sufficient, even though the applicant may meet the stated criteria for membership.
Application for Membership: The membership year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30. Each Friend of the Council is asked to complete an application for membership that may be mailed or faxed to PCCYFS. Members may join at any time during the fiscal year; dues will be prorated accordingly.
Method of Payment: An invoice will be sent upon receipt of the application for membership. Payment may also accompany the application.
Membership dues: $150.00 – prorated as applicable
Friends of the Council are expected to protect the value of membership by not disseminating information generated by PCCYFS.
Questions: Membership questions may be directed to the Council office at: 717-651-1725 or 570-689-7747.