Be part of a United Voice for Children, Youth and Families!

Value of Membership

As a statewide association, the Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth & Family Services continues to grow in strength, recognition, activity, and diversity of membership services. Through PCCYFS, individual member agencies have a combined heightened level of influence in decisions that have direct impact on their agency when by themselves they could not speak up because of political and financial ramifications.

Region and statewide service and position specific groups provide opportunities for input and discussion on issues of common concern. The Committee structure also provides numerous opportunities for member agency involvement to help shape the tone and scope of PCCYFS activities and priorities.

Given the dynamic human services environment, it is important that private providers of services to children, youth, and families not only have information, but also have access to decision-makers. Membership in PCCYFS affords such opportunities to influence public policy, practice expectations and funding decisions. Being part of a statewide network also provides forums to forge reciprocal relationships with professional colleagues.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of PCCYFS membership include many opportunities for member agency staff to be involved in committees, workgroups, meetings and other sponsored events that inform, educate and support professional development. The opportunities offered are listed here and scheduled activities can be found on our Calendar of Events.

Active participation by staff from each member agency enhances the value of membership and strengthens the united voice of the provider community!

PCCYFS directs 100% of effort, 100% of the time to supporting the ability of the private provider community to deliver quality and responsive services to children, youth and families.

Advocacy Efforts on Behalf of Children and Families, and Private Providers
  • Influencing funding, practice and regulatory requirements affecting the ability of the private provider community to deliver services to children, youth and families
  • Representing concerns and issues to elected officials and administrative offices
  • Supporting a united voice on behalf of children and families in policy advocacy
  • Developing talking points and draft legislation to support advocacy efforts by member agencies
  • Providing timely “need to know” information to support providers delivering child welfare, juvenile justice, behavioral health and education services
  • Using various mediums and venues - Monday Morning Update, Weekly Digest, Timely Alerts, Workgroups, Committees, Regional Meetings, Personal Contacts, Legislative Events, Conferences, Trainings, and other opportunities – to disseminate “need to know” information
  • Posting resources and information to the PCCYFS website
  • Providing "heads up" and running interference to respond to provider members experiences and concerns
Supportive Membership Activities
  • Maintaining relationships with public sector colleagues and other stakeholders working to improve system effectiveness
  • Representing providers’ issues and concerns with public sector colleagues at local, regional and state levels
  • Collecting and using data to support positions as developed on behalf of provider members
  • Focusing concerns on effective and efficient methods of service delivery
  • Providing comparative data - salary and economic impact studies - which support agency decisionmaking and positioning
  • Networking to address shared challenges, strategies, solutions and responsive business practices
  • Regional meetings to address local challenges and concerns
  • Professional development opportunities through service specific and functional workgroup meetings – both regional and statewide
  • Collaboration and coordination of providers’ responses to draft legislation and regulations
Our Members
  • The Academy / Community Specialists Corporation

  • Adelphoi

  • Alternative Living Solutions

  • Appalachian Youth Service

  • Bair Foundation

  • Bald Eagle Boys Camp

  • Bethany Christian Services of the Greater Delaware Valley

  • Bethany Christian Services of Central PA

  • Bethany Christian Services of Western PA

  • Bethany Home, Inc. / Bethany Children's Home

  • Bethesda Lutheran Services

  • Blueprints

  • Buxmont Academy

  • Carson Valley Children's Aid

  • Catholic Social Services

  • Centre Co Youth Service Bureau

  • ChildFirst Services / HumanWorks

  • Children's Aid Home Programs: Somerset

  • Children's Aid Society: Clearfield

  • Children's Aid Society: Franklin

  • Children's Aid Society: Mercer

  • Children's Home of Easton

  • Children's Home of Pittsburgh

  • Children's Home of York

  • Christ's Home

  • Clear Vision Residential

  • COBYS Family Services

  • Common Sense Adoption Services

  • Community Alternatives

  • Community Commitment

  • Community Service Foundation


  • COVE Prep / Acadia Healthcare

  • Cray Youth & Family Services

  • Delta Family Services

  • Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

  • Diakon

  • Diversified Community Services

  • Every Child, Inc.

  • Family Care for Children & Youth

  • Family Intervention Crisis Services

  • Families United Network

  • First Choice Home & Community Services

  • Gemma Services

  • George Junior Republic

  • Girls Hope of Pittsburgh

  • Harborcreek Youth Services

  • Hermitage House

  • Hoffman Homes

  • IMPACT Project

  • Institute for Human Resources & Services


  • JusticeWorks YouthCare

  • Keystone Adolescent Center

  • KidsPeace

  • Lehigh Valley Families Together

  • LifeSpan Family Services

  • MHY Family Services

  • Mid-Atlantic Youth Services

  • New Foundations

  • New Life Youth & Family Services

  • Pathways Adolescent Center

  • Perseus House

  • Pinebrook Family Answers

  • Pradera

  • Pressley Ridge

  • Progressive Life Center

  • River Rock Day Treatment

  • Salvation Army Children's Services

  • Sarah A. Reed Children's Center

  • Summit School, Inc.

  • Tabor Children's Services / Tabor Community Partners

  • Turning Points for Children

  • United Children's Homes (United Charities of Hazleton)

  • United Communities of Southeast Philadelphia

  • United Methodist Home for Children

  • Valley Youth House

  • Youth Service, Inc.

PCCYFS Members: Partners & Friends
  • PA Child Welfare Resource Center

  • CAI

  • Family Design Resources

  • Konrad Kammerer

  • Rosemary Slegel

  • Sarah Zlotnik