Partner Affiliate Member Application Process

Partner Affiliate Members include organizations that provide training, technical assistance, advocacy, prevention education and/or public awareness in Pennsylvania. Partner Affiliate Members may be private nonprofit or for profit entities which are not involved in the direct provision, development or management of children, youth and family services. A single point of contact within the Partner Affiliate Member must be designated to act as recipient for materials and information generated by PCCYFS.
Benefits: Partner Affiliate Members are entitled to the following benefits
Participation and Collaboration in Activities
  • Participation in PCCYFS workgroups, specially convened meetings and events to which all PCCYFS Members from over 120 agencies across Pennsylvania are invited.
  • Partner with Provider and Affiliate Members in developing and providing education, training and technical assistance on variety of topics and issues.
  • Access to weekly publications containing the latest news and summaries of PCCYFS and Member workgroup activities.
  • Development of a Speakers’ Bureau comprised of staff and/or faculty from PCCYFS, Provider Members, Educational Institution and Affiliate Members who are available for classroom presentations and staff training.
  • Opportunities to attend PCCYFS Children’s Services Policy Day, annual conferences and other sponsored events at member rates.
  • Opportunities to Influence Public Policy through coordinated efforts.
Participation in Marketing Opportunities
  • Networking and marketing opportunities at various forums with PCCYFS Members.
  • Inclusion of Partner Affiliate Member business information on the “Affiliate Members’ Virtual Exhibit” page of the PCCYFS website.
  • Semi-annual inclusion of your business information in PCCYFS publications.
  • Opportunity to share updates by targeted communications to PCCYFS Members, sent on your behalf, in addition to sharing company updates in our weekly e-newsletter, the Monday Morning Update.
  • Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities at annual conferences and job fairs (fees apply).
Partner Affiliate Members may not serve on the Board of Directors and do not have voting privileges. The Board of Directors may establish any additional criteria for membership and may deny approval for any reason they deem sufficient even though the applicant may meet the stated criteria for membership. Membership benefits are for dues paying members only and may not be disseminated without prior PCCYFS approval.
Application for Membership: The PCCYFS membership year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30. Each Partner Affiliate Member is asked to complete an application for membership that may be mailed e-mailed to PCCYFS. Partner Affiliate Members may join at any time during the fiscal year; dues will be prorated accordingly.
Method of Payment: An invoice will be sent upon receipt of the application for membership in accordance with the payment schedule selected. Payment may also accompany the application.
Membership dues: $1,200.00. Prorated as applicable
Partner Affiliate Members are expected to protect the value of membership by not disseminating information generated by PCCYFS outside their company.
Questions: Membership questions may be directed to PCCYFS at: 717-651-1725 or 570-689-7747.