mission & vision

PCCYFS is focused on improving the quality of life for Pennsylvania's children, youth, and families who are at risk by supporting and promoting an accessible service delivery system within our communities.

Value of Membership

PCCYFS is a membership association of private providers. Council members serve non-adjudicated, dependent and delinquent children, youth and their families, and provide a broad range of residential, therapeutic, educational and supportive services.

Working Together

Through our united voice, we have accomplished a great deal. We remain committed to ensuring the sustainability of the private providers that work to support at-risk children, youth and families in Pennsylvania

Organization History

For more than 40 years, the Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth and Family Services (PCCYFS) has focused on supporting the critically important efforts of private providers as they work to meet the needs of vulnerable children, youth and their families. PCCYFS has remained diligent in efforts to influence, interpret and, at times, challenge directives issued by contracting entities and state leadership that impact provider agency operations.

As a true membership driven organization, PCCYFS actively represents the interests of the diverse private provider community and channels 100% of efforts and resources into promoting the sustainability of a viable and responsive service array. PCCYFS maintains that children, youth and families are best served and supported by having accessible and available services and responsive interventions.

The Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth and Family Services (PCCYFS) was originally incorporated in 1976 as the PA Council of Voluntary Child Care Agencies (PCVCCA). A new name was adopted in 1986 which was deemed to be more reflective of practice and services - The Pennsylvania Council of Children's Services. Later, incorporation of a regional association, the Children, Youth and Family Council Education Consortium (CYFC), with PCCS create one stronger statewide organization. A new name was adopted along with revised statements of purpose, ethics, and scope of service and activities.

"The formation of the Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth and Family Services reflects the recognition of the need to establish statewide communication among all private, nonprofit agencies providing services for the dependent, neglected, delinquent, emotionally-socially challenged, and other exceptional children through the participation of administrators, board members and individuals connected with the same."

The mission of the Council reflects the overarching goal of working "to enhance the ability of member agencies in the engagement of children, youth and families to improve the quality of their lives and our communities," as adopted by the Board of Directors.

This mission is accomplished though a variety of mechanisms including but not limited to educational programming, research related to service trends and outcomes, ongoing communication with the private provider community related to standards of practice, funding implications and service needs, advocacy efforts and general outreach and educational efforts to increase public awareness and support.

Our Commitment

  • Advancing professional business practices
  • Achieving better outcomes for those served
  • Working together to meet our obligation of membership
  • Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the work of the private provider community
  • Activities to educate ourselves about fiscal and programmatic issues

United Voice

United in a consistent and strong voice, PCCYFS promotes the efforts of the private provider community, ensuring that the needs of Pennsylvania's most vulnerable children, youth and families are met through responsive and effective interventions.